Miss Fortescue
Bertram Fortesque Winthrope Smith
Captain Fortescue
Carol Fortescue
Charles Fortescue
George Fortescue Maximilien de Winter (Rebecca)
Gerald Fortescue
Greg Fortescue
Gregory Fortescue
Helene Fortescu
Kenneth Fortescue (actor)
May Fortescue
Mortimer Fortescue
Muriel (Mabel Normand) Fortescue
Rhonda Fortescue
Ronald Fortescue
Paul Francis Fortescue (A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries)


George Fortescue Maximilien de Winter (Rebecca)


Oscar du meilleur film.

  • Adapté du roman de Daphné du Maurier
  • (il avait déjà adapté La Taverne de la Jamaïque en 39, en Angleterre)
  • Scénario de Philip MacDonald et Michael Hogan
  • Avec Laurence Olivier (George Fortescu Maxillian "Maxim" de Winter), Joan Fontaine (La deuxième Mme de Winter), George Sanders (Jack Favell), Judith Anderson, Gladys Cooper, Nigel Bruce...
  • Musique de Franz Waxman
  • Photo de George Barnes
  • Montage de W.Donn Hayes, Hal C.Kern
  • Distribué par United Artists
  • Produit par Selznick International Pictures
Depuis 37, Selznick est en contact avec Hitchcock. Il l’engage pour tourner la version cinéma de ce best-seller. Le producteur veut une atmosphère british. La production est une des plus attendues de l’année : le producteur en or, le cinéaste anglais le plus réputé du moment, Laurence Olivier, récemment starisé par Les Hauts de Hurlevent, la fameuse Joan Fontaine (sur le conseil de Cukor), la soeur d’Olivia de Haviland. L’actrice n’avait pas l’éclat d’Olivia, et les studios ne croyait pas en son talent. Vivien Leigh, Margaret Sullavan, Loretta Young, Anne Baxter avaient été pressenties. Cela donn pourtant un des couples les plus beaux et les plus romantiques du cinéma... Et Hitchcock se laissa même suffisamment séduire par cette femme très féminine, pour qu’il l’enrôle l’année suivante dans Soupçons. On considère le film comme un grand classique, avec ses décors gothiques, ses rebondissements qui dénouent et renouent l'intrigue, son atmosphère sombre et chic. Un must du thriller romantique. Note: A l’origine, le premier film américain d’Hitchcock devait être une oeuvre sur la catastrophe du Titanic. Il en restera des bribes dans Lifeboat (1944).

Rebecca (1940) is the classic Hitchcock gothic thriller and a compelling romance-mystery. An expensively-produced film by David O. Selznick (following his recent success with Gone With The Wind (1939)), it was Hitchcock's first American film, although it retained distinctly British characteristics. This film won for the director his first and only Best Picture Academy Award Oscar, beating out strong competition in 1940 from The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Dictator, The Philadelphia Story, and Hitchcock's own Foreign Correspondent. The film also won an Academy Award for Cinematography, and was nominated in nine other categories, including Best Director. The film's screenplay is based on Daphne du Maurier's novel of the same name.



Laurence Olivier ...George Fortescu Maximillian 'Maxim' de Winter





Bertram Fortesque Winthrope Smith

The Avengers Episode 1
"From Venus With Love" by Philip Levene

Albert Fennell & Brian Clemens
Executive Producer
Julian Wintle
Directed by
Robert Day
Teleplay by
Phillip Levene
All characters and events in this teleplay are fictitious
and any similarity to actual events or persons, living
or dead, is purely co-incidental.
Music by
Laurie Johnson
Starring Patrick Macnee as John Steed
Starring Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Barbara Shelley
Venus Browne
Philip Locke
Dr Henry Primble
Jon Pertwee
Brigadier Whitehead
Derek Newark

Produced by

Jeremy Lloyd
Fortesque Winthrope Smith
Adrian Ropes
Arthur Cox
Professor Clarke
Paul Gillard
Ernest Cosgrove
Michael Lynch
Sir Fredrick Hadley
Kenneth Benda
Lord Mansford
Billy Cornelius
Production Designer
Wilfrid Shingleton
Director of Photography
Wilkie Cooper
Supervising Editor
Peter Tanner
Production Manager
Ted Lloyd
Principal items of Mr Macnee's wardrobe designed by Pierre Cardin
Miss Rigg's costumes designed by Alun Hughes



Captain Fortescue

The Halfway House 1944

Mervyn Johns

Glynis Johns....
Sally Ann Howes....
Joanna French
Richard Bird (I)....
Richard French
Valerie White (I)....
Jill French
Françoise Rosay....
Alice Meadows
Tom Walls (I)....
Captain Harry Meadows
Guy Middleton....
Captain Fortescue
Alfred Drayton....
William Oakley
Esmond Knight....
David Davies
Philippa Hiatt....
Pat McGrath (II)....
John Boxer (II)....
John, Davies' doctor
Roland Pertwee....
Prison governor
Eliot Makeham....
George, Davies' valet

A group of travellers, each with a personal problem that they want to hide, arrive at a mysterious Welsh country inn. There is a certain strangeness in the air as they are greeted by the innkeeper and his daughter (Mervyn Johns and his real life daughter Glynis Johns). Why are all the newspapers a year old ? And why doesn't Gwyneth seem to cast a shadow ?
Also Known As: Half-Way House, The (1944) (USA: alternative spelling) Halfway House (1944) Runtime: 95 min

Carol Fortescue

International House
(1933 b 68')
En: 7 Ed: 6

Eccentrics gather at a Chinese hotel to bid on newly invented television, resulting in entertainment for all except maybe the Legion of Decency.
At Shanghai Tommy Nash (Stuart Erwin) represents the American Electric company and is cajoled by Peggy Hopkins Joyce to give him a ride to Wu-Hu, where inventor Dr. Wong (Edmund Breese) is demonstrating his radioscope that shows pilot Henry Quail (W. C. Fields) drinking beer. In bizarre repartee nurse Allen (Gracie Allen) responds to questions by the hotel manager (Franklin Pangborn) and Dr. Burns (George Burns). Stuck in the desert with Nash, Peggy tries to fry eggs. At the hotel she requests a double bed and meets her ex-husband Nicholas Petronovich (Bela Lugosi), who hopes to make millions on the invention. Nash runs into his fiancée
Carol Fortescue (Sari Maritza); two weddings had been canceled because he got sick. He says he is well and takes her to see Peggy in order to relieve her jealousy; but the seductive Peggy causes the reverse effect. Dr. Burns says Nash has measles and tells his nurse to undress him and put him to bed. Nash is put in quarantine.
The hotel presents fifty dancing girls in revealing costumes. Quail lands in his autogyro, thinking it is Kansas City. He puts his autograph on Allen's dress collar and then rips it off so she can see it. Wong invites Quail to stay in his room; but Quail hopes for an offer from Peggy. He disrupts the hotel registration and opens doors to various rooms. He shares Peggy's room and bath without either seeing the other until in twin beds he snores, and she screams. Inventor Wong shows on his screen Rudy Vallee singing "Thank Heaven for You." Quail disturbs the people stupefied by television. Petronovich, excluded by the quarantine, calls Peggy to say he saw her with Quail.
Quail wakes up with Wong and calls Peggy. Hearing he's a millionaire, she suggests they leave together. Quail does not bid on the invention, and Wong asks for sealed bids. Wong screens Baby Rose Marie singing "My Bluebirds Are Singing the Blues." Petronovich and his men plan to break into the hotel. Wong shows Nash Cab Calloway singing "Reefer Man." A general tells the manager to end the quarantine and open the doors; Petronovich and his men rush in with a battering ram. Quail takes Peggy in his car and drives down the hall and staircases. Quail feels around for the starter, and Peggy discovers she is sitting on a pussy (cat). When she gets out of the car with no skirt, Quail says he entertained her. Quail drives his car back into his autogyro and takes off with Peggy, who finds she is sitting on kittens. She asks about their parents, and Quail says they were careless.
This farce made before the censorship crackdown by the Hayes Commission gives some of the flavor of vaudeville and burlesque and yet looks ahead to the television revolution. Burns and Allen are scintillating.
Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

Charles Fortescue

The Missionary - Region 2 NEW DVD -Free P&P

The Missionary - Region 2 PAL DVD (please ensure you can play/view this DVD on your DVD player and/or Television as refunds for non compatible DVDs will not be given). Fallen women? Does it mean they've hurt their knees? After a decade of soul-saving in Africa, Charles Fortescue is asked to minister to the ladies of the night in 1906 London. So Fortescue feeds them, shelters them and not infrequently provides them a bed: his! A naive man of the cloth becomes a man of the sheets in this playfully naughty yet always tasteful comedy that stars Monty Python's Michael Palin (who also wrote the script) as Fortescue and features a colourful array of cockeyed characters: a blissful airhead (Phoebe Nicholls), a lusty mission sponsor (Maggie Smith), a bewildered butler (Michael Hordern), an earthy bishop (Denholm Elliott), a cantankerous John Bull (Trevor Howard) and more. Jolly good fun! Stars: Michael Palin ; Maggie Smith ; Trevor Howard ; Denholm Elliot ; Michael Hordern ; Phoebe Nicholls ; Graham Crowden ; David Suchet


charles fortescue


THE MISSIONARY Michael Palin Monty Python LD

Michael Palin of Monty Python’s Flying Circus wrote and starred in this satire of the clergy. He plays Reverend Fortescue, an unassuming missionary called back from Africa to England to take charge of a mission for ladies of the evening. He admits an ever-increasing number of them into his "private fold," and the mission succeeds so well that other sects become jealous. Filmed in London. FINE PRINT: Digital sound, color, closed captioned, 86 minutes, 1982