Australie - Journey to Sydney 1790

Australia's Second Fleet
A second fleet of six ships left England - Guardian, Justinian,
Lady Juliana, Surprize, Neptune, Scarborough. The Guardian struck
ice, and was unable to complete the voyage. She was stocked with
provisions. Only 48 people died in the first group of ships, but
this time 278 died during the voyage. This time transporting the
convicts was in the hands of private contractors.

From the "SYDNEY COVE CHRONICLE", 30th June, 1790

At last the transports are here
278 died on the fearsome journey to Sydney Cove

-----" The landing of those who remained alive despite their
misuse upon the recent voyage, could not fail to horrify those
who watched.
As they came on shore, these wretched people were hardly able
to move hand or foot. Such as could not carry themselves upon
their legs, crawled upon all fours. Those, who, through their
afflictions, were not able to move, were thrown over the side of
the ships; as sacks of flour would be thrown, into the small
Some expired in the boats; others as they reached the shore.
Some fainted and were carried by those who fared better. More
had not the opportunity even to leave their ocean prisons for as
they came upon the decks, the fresh air only hastened their
A sight most outrageous to our eyes were the marks of leg irons
upon the convicts, some so deep that one could nigh on see the
bones. ----
----- We learn that several children have been borne to women
upon the Lady Juliana, the cause for which were the crews aboard
African slave ships which met up with the transport at Santa
Cruz.--- "
------" So the Guardian is lost and with it our provisions.
What, in the name of Heaven, is to become of us ? ----- "

Hereunder our Readers will find the names of convicts who were
to have sailed, or did sail, in the transports Neptune, Surprize,
Scarborough and Lady Juliana.
The information was compiled by our Correspondent in London and
is complete in so far as it lists all the convicts who were
recently landed upon our shores. It also, howso ever, gives the
names of convicts who, for various reasons of death &c., did not
travel with the Fleet to New South Wales. Unhappily, we find
ourselves at this time unable to indicate who sailed and who did
We look to our Readers for their indulgence to involuntary
errors, though will find no omissions, and trust general
attention will secure us from trespassing on their kindness too

NAME, Where Sentenced Term
FORTESCUE, William, Herts - - - - - - - - 7

Acknowlegement. Newspaper article transcribed in 1992 by Barbara Turner

The Sydney Cove Chronicle of 30 June 1790 is a fictitious newspaper which appeared as a four-page "composite newspaper" in the Sydney Daily Mirror on Monday 3 March 1969 . In the article which announced the publication, the Mirror stated that the newspaper, one of a series of two covering the Second and Third Fleets, was "written and compiled by Cirrel Greet, in the style of that time with the assistance of the Public Library of NSW and particularly its Archives Department" (now State Records (NSW)).