Daniel Fortescue


Yngwie's Personal Thanks:
A 'from the bottom of my heart' special thanks to my beautiful wife and son, April Malmsteen and Antonio Yngwie Johann Malmsteen, for inspiration and understanding. I Love You! Personal thanks to: my father and sister, Lennart & Louise Lannerbach, my inlaws Yilmaz & Inci Solmaz +Denize & Greg Love (Let's go to the Pub!), Nicolo Paganini, J.S.Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Tomaso Albinoni, Ludwig van Beethoven, W.A.Mozart, Pyotr Thaikovsky, Antonin Dvorak, Leonardo Da Vinci, Enzo Ferrari, Leo Fender, Jim Marshall, H.P.Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Sven Hassel, Daniel Fortesque, Uli Jon Roth, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Frank Rizzo, Ronnie James Dio, Larry DiMarzio, Steve Blucher, Jim Dunlop, Mike Spitzer, Anne Petty & the International Fan Club (Splendid Job!), Mark, Mats, John & Brian, Alex Perez, Dan Smith, Jamie Crompton & all of you at Fender (You're simply the BEST!!), Michael Johansson, Dibe Martin, Laurie Soriano, Laurence Herrup, Charles Kuiper and all at Warner Chappell, Paul Bibeau, Rick Meuser and everyone at Spitfire Records, Jun Sato, Tets Maruo, Yushi Onishi, Masa Fukumoto and all the others at Pony Canyon Records, Martin Hooker, Liz Fairweather and all of you at Dream Catcher Records, Tatsu Hirano and everyone at Watanabe, Yama & Kai and all at Young Guitar, Koh Sakai & Kazuo Hirose and all at Burrn! Magazine, Jun Nakabayashi, Sam Seki Hara. Many thanks to the following companies: Fender Musical Instruments USA (Guitars, Basses & Strings),Fender Japan, DiMarzio Inc. (Pickups, Straps, Cables & more), Marshall Amplification (STACKS), Dunlop Manufacturing Inc.(Picks, Cry Babies, Frets, etc.),Ovation Guitars/Kaman Music Corp., Carvin Inc., Alvarez Yairi acoustics, Digitech (DOD), Celestion Loudspeakers, JJ Tesla Tubes (Valves), St. Louis Music (Ampeg Bass Amps, Alvarez), Gordon D. Sokoloff & Staff No Pain!, and Korg Instruments. Thanx to my old-time pal Joe Lalaina & Guitar World for your steady support since 1984. This is just the beginning!!!! And of course, last but not least; to all my fans worldwide: THANK YOU!!!!