Hugh Fortescue - born 12 March 1753


HUGH FORTESCUE, baron Fortescue of Castlehil; lord lieutenant and custos rotulorum of the county of Devon, and high steward of Barnstaple in that county.
This nobleman was born 12 March 1753, and elected 1784 to represent the borough of Beaumaris in the isle of Anglesea. He succeeded to the title upon the death of his father 10 July 1785. He was constituted -- September 1788 lord lieutenant and custos rotulorum of the county of Devon.
Lord Fortescue married 4 May 1782 Hester, sister of George Nugent marquis of Buckingham; by which lady he has issue,

  1. A son, born 13 February 1783.
  2. A son, born -- August 1786.
The family of Fortescue is descended from sir Richard le Fort, who displayed considerable valour in the battle of Hastings 14 October 1066, in consequence of which his family assumed the surname of Fortescue. Sir John Fortescue was one of those gallant leaders who distinguished themselves in the wars of king Henry the fifth for the crown of France; and Henry, his son, was constituted by king Henry the sixth 25 June 1426 lord chief justice of the court of common pleas of the kingdom of Ireland. Sir John, son of Henry, was appointed in the year 1442 lord chief justice of the court of king's bench, which office he afterwards exchanged for that of lord high chancellor of England. He adhered to the party of the house of Lancaster in the civil wars, and wrote a treatise De Laudibus Legum Angliae, which has frequently been appealed to as one of the earliest monuments of our free constitution.
Hugh, ninth in descent from lord chancellor Fortescue, married Bridget, grand-daughter of Theophilus fourth earl of Lincoln; by which lady he had issue,
  1. Hugh, to whom the title of baron Clinton and Say was confirmed by king George the first 16 March 1721 in right of his mother. By king George the second he was created baron Fortescue of Castlehil and earl Clinton, with remainder of the barony to his paternal brother Matthew, second lord Fortescue. Upon the death of earl Clinton 3 May 1751 the earldom became extinct, and the title of baron Clinton and Say descended to the family of Walpole earls of Orford.
Matthew, second lord Fortescue, married 8 June 1752 Anne, daughter of John Campbel of Calder in the kingdom of Scotland esquire; by which lady he had issue,
  1. Hugh, present and third lord Fortescue.
  2. Matthew, born 12 April 1754.
  3. John, born 6 March 1755.
  4. Lucy, born 20 July 1756, and married -- September 1778 to the reverend ----- Harrington.

C R E A T I O N.

Baron Fortescue of Castlehil in the county of Devon 5 July 1746.

C H I E F S E A T S.

Castlehil in the county of Devon, and

Ebrington in the county of Gloucester.