Sceau de Richart Fortescu - Mariage FR-GB ? (XIV-XVème Siècle)

A History of the Family of Fortescue in all its Branches - P172

"… A rather remarkable relic of Sir Faithful's occupation of his Antrim eftate came to light fome years ago, namely, an ancient feal of arms, as shown in the annexed woodcut, with the words " S. Richart Fortefcu." It was found either upon or clofe to the former Fortefcue property. The arms are thofe of the Norman Fortefcues, viz., a bend, not engrailed, between two bendlets, quartering the arms of the Englifh Fortefcues, where the bend is engrailed. This coat implies a marriage-alliance between one of the Norman and one of the Englifh houfes. The feal has been pronounced by experts to be French of the fourteenth or fifteenth century…"