Quartered arms of Sir William Strode (d.1637) of Newnham, Plympton St Mary

Quartered arms of Sir William Strode (d.1637) of Newnham, Plympton St Mary.

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Quartered arms of Sir William Strode (d.1637) of Newnham, Plympton St Mary. Detail from his mural monument in St Mary's Church, Plympton, Devon. 8 quarters as follows:
1st: Argent, a chevron between three conies sable (Strode);
  • 2nd: Or, three torteaux a label of three points azure each charged with three plates a crescent for difference (Courtenay of Loughtor);
  • Risdon, Tristram (d.1640), Survey of Devon, 1811 edition, London, 1811, with 1810 Additions, p.185;
    3rd: Gules, a chevron argent between three millets hauriant or ("Militon of Mewy" (Meavy?), per Pole, p.493, with tinctures for chevron & millets reversed) Sir William Strode held the manor of Meavy in Risdon's time, see
  • 4th: Argent, on a chevron azure three fishes or ("Peniles of Luckton" (sic) per Pole, p.496). "Luckton" (sic) is in the parish of Brixham (Pole, p.283), apparently today's "Lupton" (Risdon, p.158);
  • 5th: Azure, a bend engrailed argent cotised or a crescent gules for difference (Fortescue of Wood);
  • Vivian, Lt.Col. J.L., (Ed.) The Visitations of the County of Devon: Comprising the Heralds' Visitations of 1531, 1564 & 1620, Exeter, 1895, p.718, pedigree of Strode). The manor of "Thurleston" was held by the Courtenay family (Risdon, p.177). These arms of Burley are also visible on the 16th c. monumental brass of William Barker in Sonning Church, Berkshire);
    6th: Argent, a chief sable three lances palewise counterchanged (Pole, p.472, amended, "Burley of Clanacomb". Clanacombe House, in the parish of Thurlestone, Devon, survives today as a 17th c mansion. John Strode (son and heir of John Strode by his wife Melior Newnham, heiress of Newnham), married Joane Burley, heiress of Clanacomb (
  • 7th: Or, three bendlets sable (unknown);
  • Pole, Sir William (d.1635), Collections Towards a Description of the County of Devon, Sir John-William de la Pole (ed.), London, 1791
    8th: Argent, three eaglets displayed gules (Newnham of Newnham, per Pole, p.494). All references to
  • Artwork c. 1637; photo 2014

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