fortescue vernon bowl

Sterling Bowl by Old Newberry Crafters/Cartier


Hand Hammered Sterling RevereType Commemorative made by Old Newberry Crafters for Cartier. Width across top 11 1/4" Diameter of base 6". Height 5 1/4". Weight 40 troy oz. Engraved with a crest saying NO. 45, Wilkes & Liberty on one side. Inscription on the other: "To the Memory of the Glorious Ninety-Two members of the Hon. House of Representatives of the Maffachiefels Bay who undaunted by the insolent Menaces of Villans in power from a strict regard to consceince and the Liberties of their Constituents on the 30th of June 1768 voted NOT TO RECIND." Names engraved around top: John Marston, Icabod Jones, John Homer, Wm. Bowers, Peter Boyer, Benj Cobb, Caleb Hopkins, Nathan Barber, John White, Wm. Mackay, Dan Malcolm, Benj Goodwin, John Welsh, Dan Parker &
Fortescue Vernon. Very good condition.