Hanafor Miss Fortescue (Dog) Hanafor Miss Fortescue (Dog)



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Bronzephyr Golden Liberty (Sloane)
Hanafor Miss Fortescue (Forster & DeZylva)
Klerhunt Burg (Schnitzer)
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Best Gaited
Hanafor Miss Fortescue
Junior Bitch
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Ch. Hanafor Lady Haversham (Lewis)
Hanafor Wychton Willow (Croatto)
Hanafor Miss Fortescue (DeZylva & Forster)
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Perdiz Vizslas

Minor Puppy Bitch


Fortescue plane ?




Fortescue barque

Convictions Australian shipping arrivals and departures
Shipping movements for 1788 to 1967
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Shipping movements for December 1845
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Shipping movements for
January 1846
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Shipping movements for February 1846
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fortescue Doll

Dolls House Porcelain Doll - Countess Fortescue


Porcelain Doll - Countess Fortescue
The Countess, ( standing to the left!) is a picture of gracious dignity. She has a dove grey gown with rows of ivory lace, silk embroidering and pleating to the hem, with bows and gold roses. Her matching hat has a wispy white feather.Her chestnut hair is dressed in neat curls and she is holding a lace trimmed parasol.
( These dolls are fully jointed. They are finely made – particularly the hands. They will stand alone with patience but I found it a lot easier with blu-tac. The Countess stands 5.5" (140mm) tall.)

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"Miss Fortescue" boat

Higbee's Marina & Miss Fortescue
from breakfast and lunch, to bait and tackle,to launching your boat or allowing us to take you fishing. From spring maintenance to winterization.

Miss Fortescue
Captain Jim Higbee

Open Boat:
Sails Daily - 7am-1pm
Afternoon trips:
Thurs, Fri, Sat - 4pm-10pm

Rates: $30.00 per person, rod rental: $5.00
53 ft. Fiberglass vessel with two 671 GM's,
the fastest on the Delaware Bay.
Captain Jim Higbee, a 3rd generation Captain, worked on the water most of his life. Has been the Captain of the Miss Fortescue for 17 years.

Amenities and Services include:

  • Can hold up to 49 pasengers.
  • Head for men and women
  • Video Electronic Fish Finder
  • Excellent Fish Cleaning Facilities Available on Dock
  • Safety Equipment
  • Congenial Crew
  • Rod Rental $5.00