fortescue flying machine

1926 JOHN FORTESCUE Flying Machine Patent Print



This print is a quality reproduction of the original filed patent artwork titled above. The displayed image above is a low-resolution graphic optimized for quick web display. The actual print you receive will be a detailed high-resolution print free of any defects or watermarks.

The artwork is printed in black on archival quality acid-free 8 1/2" x 11" simulated parchment stock replicating the authentic look and feel of the original patent. The actual artwork image size varies according to the original document but your print can be readily cropped to fit an 8" x 10" display frame.

This prestigious museum quality print is perfect for framing or mounting as you wish in any home or office as decorative wall art. Keep for yourself or great for gift giving to the avid collector. Great conversational piece!

Also included at no extra-charge are the remaining patent text and drawing pages (when applicable) describing this invention in detail. Most patents include a copy of the inventor's original signature (or signed by their patent attorney) on the artwork. Fascinating reading! These are not construction plans or blueprints. This print is perfect for the collector who wants historical background on the above item. Some of the text may be hard to read but the illustrations are enhanced to meet or exceed the originally submitted patent artwork design and at the same time maintaining an authentic look from that era.

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