Harriet Fortescue

Quotations and photograph:
A Memoir of Mrs Urquhart / Mrs Bishop.
— London : Kegan Paul, 1897

Harriet Fortescue, wife of David Urquhart

David Urquhart would have been quite unable to organise the smooth running of the Foreign Affairs Committees without the support of Harriet, his gifted wife. Apart from her many secretarial tasks, she could always be relied upon to calm and sympathetically smoothe the many relationships which were ruffled by her pedantic, sometimes stubborn, and often unforgiving, husband. But she was a clear-thinking political writer who published articles under the pseudonym 'Caritas'. According to her biographer, Mrs Bishop:
Half her articles in his paper, the Free press, and her many other writings were by him, and half of his by her.

While, according to her eldest son, David Urquhart (Jnr), the argumentative work, the collating of extracts from despatches, treaties, &c, was done by her first, and then my father dictated the introduction and conclusion.


Hugh Fortescue 3rd Earl of Fortescue - 1818-1905

Vanity Fair Print 1881 Earl Fortescue

19th Century Vanity Fair Print.  Dated September 17, 1881. 
Statesmen No. 372. 
 The Earl Fortescue
Subtitled "Sanitas"  Seated, with papers lying on the couch, a little different than the typical portraits. 

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